Juices made with fruits grown in southern Brazil

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About us

We are ISAU. We are based in southern Brazil, in the city of Liberato Salzano, Rio Grande do Sul state. We began our industrial operation in 2011, our activity is processing oranges to produce concentrated juice (FCOJ), not from concentrated juice (NFC), orange cells (FOPC), essential oils (CPOO), waterphaseoilphase and d-limonene.

We are owned by LOOP – Aromas and Concentrated Juices since 2019. LOOP is able to manufacture compounds for all kind of beverages (B2B) with tailor-made solutions. LOOP is Brazilian company and FSSC22000 certified.

Imagem de uma laranja

Our Products

Wide range of products

We offer our products as:

Ícone de Legenda: Tipo de Comercialização Convencional Conventional
Ícone de Legenda: Tipo de Comercialização Orgânico Organic

Most of our oranges are Valencia type, these oranges are colorful, bitterless, with high vitamin C content.

Folha murcha

Our Features

One of the most important ISAU features is the land. We are located in southern Brazil, a greening free area. The altitude and geographical position aid the orange earn unique qualities.

In addition, we have a sustainable practice with our suppliers, as example, we use our industrial effluents for the orchard’s fertigation, also we support the low pesticide cultivation method.

Mapa com localização privilegiada da ISAU no Brasil
Ícone de Oranges grown by smallholders
Oranges grown by smallholders

Ícone de Sustainability - fertigation with industry liquid effluents.
Sustainability - fertigation with industry liquid effluents

Ícone de Low pesticide method
Low pesticide method

Ícone de Greening free zone
Greening free zone

Ícone de High vitamin C content for juices
High vitamin C content for juices

Ícone de Essential oils with high aldehyde
Essential oils with high aldehyde

Ícone de Essential oils predominantly from Valencia oranges
Essential oils predominantly from Valencia oranges

Ícone de International certifications
International certifications
Click here to know our food safety and quality policy.
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Our Location

Liberato Salzano is a small town that has orange in your DNA. Five thousand people lives in the city, mainly in the farmlands. The main economic activity is the orange farming made by smallholders. We are the company responsible for processing these oranges and helping the region prosperity.

Liberato Salzano Citrus Growers Cooperative with the certified families in our region are our partners in the Fairtrade production.

Foto da cidade de Liberato Salzano

Our Certificates

Logotipo do Certificado Kosher
Logotipo do Certificado SGF
Logotipo do Certificado AIJN
Logotipo do Certificado HALAL
Logotipo do Certificado EC
Logotipo do Certificado NOP
Logotipo do Certificado SEDEX
Logotipo do Certificado ORGANiCO BRASIL
Logotipo do Certificado BUREAU VERITAS - HACCP


FLO-ID 27111
FLO-ID 28986

About the cooperative

The cooperative is based on the same city of ISAU.
  • Orange just for processing.
  • Mainly Valencia type
  • 4,9 ha per member of Fairtrade Orchards (average)
  • 13,05 ha per member of Family Rural Property. (average)
  • 400 meters of the sea level. (min. 300m, max. 500m)
  • All families have their lands near of ISAU factory.
(Apr. 2020)
100% of them are smallholder’s families

International Experience

Our products are mainly traded with foreign markets. Due the premium quality, we already did business with the following countries:
Angola Angola
Argentina Argentina
Belgium Belgium
Chile Chile
Bolivia Bolivia
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Italy Italy
Netherlands Netherlands
Singapore Singapore
Spain Spain
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Switzerland Switzerland
United<br>Kingdom United
Turkey Turkey
Estados Unidos United States
Ireland Ireland

2020 was a remarkable
year for ISAU.

We start this year processing apples, and today we can offer the follows products:

  • Apple Juice Concentrate Clear (70 brix or 66 brix)
  • Apple Juice Concentrate Cloudy (40 brix)
  • Apple Aroma
  • All products at the moment are been offered as conventional.

    Environment Conservation

    2000m² - preserved area |  223 - seedlings planted

    We care about our region. Therefore, respecting and preserving the environment is a key question for us. ISAU is preserving 2000m² of native forest near our facility, ISAU’s planted more than 200 seedlings of many varieties in this area.

    We reduce CO² emissions by 99.23% in 2022, equivalent to:

    -> Keeping 5,973 trees planted for 20 years in a forest reserve with an area equivalent to 4.3 hectares; or;

    -> Driving 140 laps around the Earth in a regular passenger car.

    We are LOOP

    Loop Aromas and Concentrated Juices is a Brazilian company, founded in early 2003. Loop is a compound industry able to offer concentrated juices, flavors, ingredients (base), extracts, emulsions, sweeteners and more for the beverage industry. Loop is a B2B solution company for the beverage sector.

    Loop Aromas and Concentrated Juices has a commitment to food safety. The company is FSSC 22000 certified.

    Learn more about www.sucosconcentrados.com.br

    Logotipo LOOP - Sucos Concentrados